Smith Compliance Consulting Inc. -

    Mainland Bank Employee   

  • Insider Expertise
  • Executive People Leader of Executional Teams
  • Secure & Predictable Career Track  

    Island Entrepreneur

  • Multi-Jurisdictional
  • Multi-Client Perspective
  • Broad Thought Leader & Compliance Strategist
  • “Eat What I Kill”  



I remember telling my mother when I got my first real job as a manager at CIBC.  She was so happy for me and so relieved!  She’d done her job well.  Then, I remember telling my mother when I decided to leave everything I knew behind and move to a Caribbean island, alone, with nothing but an idea, a drive to start my own business and my bathing suit.  Poor Mom needed a chair and some smelling salts to recover.

Six years later, I’m happy to report that Mom is doing well and has recovered. Nothing could prepare me for the challenges and rewards of being my own boss in an industry I love. 

Most little girls don’t play in the sandbox and dream of being first a bank teller and then a Chief Compliance Officer.  I’m not most little girls.  I’ve scared myself a little bit with how this thirst for adventure has taken me from relative security and family to the thrill of carving out my own professional future and finding another family far, far from home.

At one time, I surveyed potential compliance threats to my bank and proactively built defenses.  Now, I survey potential compliance threats across multiple sectors and anticipate the next trend to challenge compliance.  At one time, I knew my route to work every day, a 20 minute walk.  Now, I have clients far-and-wide, a short drive up the coast or a long plane ride across the world.  At one time, I opened a steady paycheck.  Now, I have the thrill of knowing whatever is in that envelope at the end of the month is solely the product of my own ingenuity.

Island life is not for every land lubber, but this explorer couldn’t ever go back.  The adventure of travel, the adventure of entrepreneurship and the opportunities they bring to my life have me anchored forever in Barbados! 
                         (I do love to travel though; so, ring me!)


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