Smith Compliance Consulting Inc. -


I can advise you how to consider and minimize your compliance risks effectively with:

  • Retrospective Due Diligence for existing client files;
  • Solving an existing issue or problem;
  • Written policy development;
  • Training courses custom developed and delivered;
  • An independent AML programme review; 
  • Establishing your company's Risk Assessment;
  • Assistance choosing transaction monitoring systems;
  • Due diligence to buy a new portfolio; and
  • A new compliance programme from scratch (may be completed in phases).

Engagements can be comprehensive covering a broad range of needs or cover a specific situation or problem. 

Do you need to have an individual(s) identified in-person by a qualified person in Barbados for AML (anti-money laundering) identification and due diligence purposes?  We make it easy and handle it all for you.

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