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Trainer & Speaker


I'm a natural coach!!


I facilitate training and am a frequent speaker at conferences internationally on AML/CFT/PF, financial crime, latest money laundering schemes, trade based money laundering, terrorism financing, managing financial crime risks related to virtual currencies and so much more.

I do training and presentations on Human Trafficking, especially focusing on the financial aspects and the financial indicators.


I keep up to date with the latest trends, so I can share those nuggets to enlighten you!

Building Blocks


I put it all together for you by boiling down hundreds of pages of regulatory guidance.

Creating policies & procedures, onboarding materials, client risk scoring, management reports, risk assessments, you name it. All the tools for a robust compliance program.

International Connections

Need help in another jurisdiction? Let me introduce you to one of my international colleagues.

Want to get more connected to the compliance professionals across Barbados? As the president of BACP, let me invite you to attend our meetings and meet your peers to share best practices.


April 2019:  "I just want to mention... that I thoroughly enjoyed the AML CFT Training. It was highly focused and there was NEVER a boring/dull moment. It shocked us to know that when you said “TIME FOR BREAK” that an hour and a half had already passed like it was just 5 minutes. I must admit, there was so much to learn on what appears to be “innocent areas” that could really challenge or harm our society, our country, its national security and ultimately our economy. There were loads of food for thought.

I would say that the course has literally and figuratively OPENED MY EYES to my surroundings and I have actually walked away, armed (if I could use that word) with the knowledge and alertness to my surroundings, interactions while going about my normal day or business dealings. I just wish more people could take the course. It is so important!

There is so much I could say, but I would simply close by saying thank you very much for caring to share."