If you are a regulated entity or a designated non-financial business professional, the Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Prevention and Control) Act requires you to complete AML training on an ongoing basis (that means at least annual!).


The in-person training sessions are very powerful!  Delivered by a professional facilitator, contain expert information and practical tips  This style of training is engaging, allows for questions and open dialogue and enables better learning and retention of information received.

Human Trafficking

Make no mistake – this is not just happening to runaways or those on the street. Human Trafficking also poaches on young children from good, stable, middle class families. Do you have kids, nieces or nephews who like to spend time on their mobile devices? The reality is that many young persons are being “courted” by predators while sitting right beside you on the sofa.

Reading the news, we find many tragic stories of people whom we hold in elevated positions of trust who are actually the ones facilitating this abuse. From teachers to foster parents to religious leaders.

Here we are in 2020, and we continue to have men, women and children who are exploited and forced to work in inhumane conditions or do unspeakable things.

Education and awareness are key to making a meaningful impact. 📚

Here is a video clip with a glimpse from a recent virtual training session that I facilitated on the Financial Side of Human Trafficking.

You have a duty - if you work in or support the financial services sector, to be aware as this crime generates billions 💰💰 in illicit proceeds laundered each year.

If your organization or association can benefit from this awareness and training session, virtually, then let’s talk.